Erica Hansen MS, RD, CD

My Philosophy
Food does not have to be complicated;
to better yourself and your plate, begin with the basics.
Start in your kitchen with whole, fresh foods. 
Enjoy the variety of vibrant colors, textures, and flavors food has to offer.
Recognize the role food has played in your culutral heritage, traditions, and identity.
Challenge yourself to do something new and overcome habits that hinder. 
Make the most of your meal times and make the most of your health. 
My Background
I specialize in working with people to make their health and lifestyle goals fit into their unique life circumstances; no fear of change needed.
I have a bachelor's degree in dietetics and a master's degree in nutritional science with an emphasis in nutrition education.
I have experience in corporate wellness and preventative health, nutrition counseling and education, and survey research. In 2010, I developed Y-Weight©, an evidence-based weight management program for Brigham Young University's Wellness Program in Provo, Utah. I am an adjunct faculty member at BYU and teach Essentials of Human Nutrition.
I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the AND Nutrition Entreprenuers Practice Group, and a board member of the Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Whatever your health and nutrition needs may be,
I can help you make change stick with foods that fit your lifestyle.