Individual Consultations

Consultations include a comprehensive health evaluation, food plan, goal setting, and nutrition education on desired health topic. Consultations are held in person in Utah County, or with Utah residents via Skype/Facetime and screen sharing.


Health topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Irritable bowel disease (IBS)

  • Dietary prevention and management of diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, cancer

  • Optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

  • Childhood nutrition

  • Desired weight gain

  • General nutrition topics nutrition label reading, restaurant dining strategies, holiday and social eating, preventative health, mindful and intuitive eating practices.

  • Analysis of current research and food product claims


Clients will receive educational materials related to topic of discussion


Inital Appointment.................................$75



Making lifesytle changes isn't ever as easy as just knowing what to do.


Food lists and menus are helpful, but the real work begins in the trenches of your kitchen. Follow-up sessions will help eliminate the barriers you face to making permanent change.


Follow-up Appointments.......................$35


Let's meet one-on-one to address your individual dietary concerns and goals. 

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