Online Classes

Join me for a 30-minute, interactive, low cost, live course on food and nutrition basics. Courses are taught upon request. Peruse the course catalog and schedule one today. 


Wholesome Whole Grains


How many grains, other than wheat, can you name?


Explore the varieties, nutritional profiles, and culinary uses of many wholesome grains. Learn how to read a label and decipher grain-related terminology.


Come with questions and get answers for one of the most controversial food groups! 

Vegetable Makeovers


There are hundreds of fruits and vegetables and thousands of varieties. Why do we get stuck in a rut eating the same ones every night?


Break out of vegetable bordeom and eat colorfully. 

Herbs and Spices


Seasoning your food goes far beyond salt and pepper.


Learn the health benefites and culinary uses for all those bottles in your spice cabinet and even learn to grow your own supply! 

Beyond Peanut Butter & Trailmix: Nuts, Seeds, & Legumes


These plant-based proteins are an often overlooked, but essential part of a daily diet. Discover new ways to incorporate them into your food routine

Meal Planning


Do you struggle to know what to make for dinner each night?


Take the mental toil out of feeding yourself and your family by creating a plan. In this class we'll discuss a variety of methods and find one to suit your needs. 

Virtual Grocery Store Tour


Did you know that 50,000 new food products are introduced to grocery store shelves each year?


Don't let food choices overwhelm you. In this class we'll learn how to read nutrition facts labels, choose nutrient-rich foods, and make the most of your food budget.