By Erica Hansen MS, RDN, CD with Paige Smathers RDN, CD

A comprehensive resource to answer all of your questions in one place:


  • HIPPA Compliance

  • Insurance Reimbursement

  • Building a Website & Online Marketing

  • Legal Requirements for Opening & Operating

  • ...and MUCH more 

Begin your business and open your doors to new patients with confidence. 

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$ 24.99


A Dietitian's Guide to

Starting a Private Practice

2nd Edition

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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$ 19.95

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What are other RDs saying about this e-book?


"Such a helpful resource; much more digestible and less overwhelming than others! I loved that in the ebook links are live and accessing these resources is far easier than before. 

I would give this book 2 thumbs up, if I had more thumbs I'd give more, but I don't."

Rebecca Clyde MS, RD

I thought the entire e-book was full of great resources! I wish I had known about it 3 months earlier.


I have found the marketing section really helpful as that is the biggest focus for my business right now and the Business Operations section helpful, especially the information about HIPAA compliant communications.


Thanks again for putting together a fantastic resource!

Claire Carlton MS, RD

The guide was extremely helpful. All of the information was straightforward and up to date.


It was the most concise guide to starting a private practice that I have seen. Everything you need is right in one place and easy to find. It made the whole process seem less overwhelming because the guide takes you through everything that needs to be done step by step.


I also loved the helpful hints and different resources for things like creating a website or logo. I actually used many of the resources that I found out about through the Dietitian's Guide to Starting a Private Practice.


I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to start a private practice read this book first. It will help guide you through the process and make sure you have all of the small details in place before you get going.

Jaylynn Skidmore