Services & Fees 

I offer a variety of packages designed to help you make nourishing, delicious food a regular part of your life. Let's work together to meet your food and lifestyle goals. Which package would work best for you?

  • One 1-hour long consultation involving hands-on meal planning.

  • A month’s menu is planned during the consultation and an electronic template is provided for monthly and weekly meals.

  • Prior to meeting, the client completes a kitchen inventory, cooking skills assessment, and a master list of meal ideas.

  • Client receives educational materials to assist in meal planning including step-by-step guide as well as electronic template for meal planning. 




Menu Planning

Create a meal plan unique to your life circumstances and dietary needs.


This package includes: 

Individual Dietary Consultations
An evidenced-based, behavior-focused weight managment program. 

Presentations include hands-on workshops, grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, and informative lectures--the nature of the classes can be tailored to meet the group's needs. 

I have worked with Universities, corporations wellness programs, medical facilities, religious organizations, professional conferences, youth groups and camps, and even groups of friends to teach single classes as well as series of classes.


How can I help your network eat healthier today?


Group Presentations and Workshops

Areas of Expertise

As a registered dietitian I have received training and education in food science, nutrient biochemistry, medical nutrition therapy, research methods, behavior change, and food service systems.  To learn more about more about my experience and background visit my page or go here to see how you could benefit from meeting with me. 


  • Weight loss

  • Desired weight gain

  • Diabetes

  • Pre-Diabetes

  • Hypoglycemia

  • IBS

  • Anemia

  • Childhood nutrition

  • Heart health (including lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure)

  • Healthy nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

  • Food allergies and intolerances, including Celiac Disease

  • General nutrition topics including meal planning to meet personal and family's nutritional needs, nutrition label reading, restaurant dining strategies, holiday and social eating,  preventative health, mindful and intuitive eating practices.

  • Analysis of current research and food product claims

Consultations include a comprehensive health evaluation, diet plan, goal setting, and nutrition education/counseling on desired health topic. Consultations are held in person in Utah County, or with Utah residents via Skype/Facetime and screen sharing.


Health topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Irritable bowel disease (IBS)

  • Dietary prevention and management of diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, cancer

  • Optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

  • Childhood nutrition

  • Desired weight gain

  • General nutrition topics nutrition label reading, restaurant dining strategies, holiday and social eating,  preventative health, mindful and intuitive eating practices.

  • Analysis of current research and food product claims

  • Clients will receive educational materials related to topic of discussion


Inital Appointment.................................$75

Follow-up Appointments.......................$35


Let's meet one-on-one to address your individual dietary concerns and goals. 


Included in the program is: 

  • One 1 hour consultation with comprehensive health evaluation, diet plan, measurement taking, & goal setting

  • Follow-up appointments, each two weeks apart, that include goal setting, problem solving, and behavior change lessons

  • A dietary analysis of nutrient intake

  • Participants will receive educational materials at each appointment and a binder to keep all materials together

  • Participants will be required to track food intake. This will be monitored throughout the program. 


Full program (7 follow-up appointments)...............................$500

Abbreviated program (3 follow-up appointments)................ $300


Learn more about the development of Y-Weight or

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Diet Analysis

Find out if you are meeting your nutrient needs with the food you are currently eating.


This package includes: 

  • Analysis of your diet including appropriateness of calorie intake, and consumption of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Food-focused advice on how to improve your diet with practical tips and solutions



Online Classes

Join me for a 30-minute interactive course on food and nutrition basics. Courses are taught upon request. Peruse the course catalog and schedule one today. 


  • Wholesome Whole Grains

    • How many grains, other than wheat, can you name? Explore the varieties, nutritional profiles, and culinary uses of many wholesome grains. Learn how to read a label and decipher grain-related terminology. Come with questions and get answers for one of the most controversial food groups! 

  • Beyond Peanut Butter & Trailmix: Legumes, Nuts, & Seeds

    • These plant-based proteins are an often overlooked, but essential part of a daily diet. Discover new ways to incorporate them into your food routine. 

  • Basil, Cilantro, and Tumeric, Oh My! 

    • Seasoning your food goes far beyond salt and pepper. Learn the health benefites and culinary uses for all those bottles in your spice cabinet and even learn to grow your own supply! 

  • Vegetable Makeovers

    • There are hundreds of fruits and vegetables and thousands of varietys. Why do we get stuck in a rut eating the same ones every night? Break out of vegetable bordeom and eat colorfully. 

  • Cooking 101

    • Basic kitchen skills are fundamental to eating better. Equip yourself with the know-how to and you'll be one your way out of the freezer aisle and plastic packaged food in no time. 

  • Meal Planning

    • Do you struggle to know what to make for dinner each night? Take the mental toil out of feeding yourself and your family by creating a plan. In this class we'll discuss a variety of methods and find one to suit your needs. 

  • Outside of the (Lunch) Box

    • Do sandwiches dominate your lunch time fare? Explore new ideas to liven-up your mid-day meal and soon you'll be looking forward to lunch for more than just a break from the daily grind.