[Erica] is WONDERFUL! The [Y-weight] program was well organized and easy to follow. The topics were relevant to my lifestyle and informative. The support from the group and instructor were valuable and provided great incentives. I was motivated to lose weight, to become more healthy and change the way I think about food. I enjoyed the environment of learning these things and I appreciated the support.
Betsy Johnson
Y-Weight Participant



I think the strengths of the program are Erica's knowledge and overall personality. She was encouraging without nagging. I would recommend this program. The information learned is invaluable and can be used by everyone, not just people trying to lose weight.



Y-Weight Participant


Cooking Demos


Erica is great! She has instructed two Healthy Cooking Classes for the Utah Valley University community. She is very prompt, professional, and polite. Erica is always very prepared and the participants have really enjoyed her upbeat energy. Her cooking classes are informative and the food has been delicious. I love all of her educational materials and how she presents to the class. I would love to have her come again!


Tiffany Clough, CHES

Wellness Specialist – UVU Wellness Programs

Seminars & Workshops


Erica spoke at the Utah Worksite Wellness Conference in 2014. It was a wonderful presentation that was among one of the favorite presentations at the conference based off attendee's feedback. The reason it was one of the best presentations was because she came extremely well prepared with ample material that really address the topic we had assigned. We asked her to speak on how to teach healthy eating at a worksite. She was able to adapt a nutrition topic for our specific audience and did a fantastic job. She came prepared with handouts for the attendees. She was very professional to work with in coordinating the speaking engagement. I would highly reccomend Erica to come and present on a variety of nutrition topics to all different audiences. She does an outstanding job.


Lauren Reichman

Utah Council Worksite Health Promotion

Erica has been a huge asset for our Wellness Retreats at Zion Ponderosa. Not is she knowledgable in nutrition and food but she knows how to teach healthy eating to others. Her workshops were so informative and enlightening that everyone left feeling much more aware of the foods we eat and why they are good for us, and that eating doesn't have to be a time-consuming, dull experience; it can be easy and delicious. 


Mandy Woodhouse

Zion Ponderosa Wellness Retreat Organizer

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