Why you need a dietitian

You've tried losing weight/eating more vegetables/exercising/planning meals regularly before and just couldn't make it stick


It's 6 o'clock (again!) and you're back to the drawing board (again!) for dinner ideas


Going to the grocery store means throwing anything that looks good into the cart for a sticker-shock at check-out and there's-nothing-good-to-eat syndrome at home two days later


You're expecting a baby, or have a few already, and want to make sure they're getting the food they need to flourish


You've made something new for dinner but your family won't touch it


The nutrition facts on the back of your granola bar seem like they're written in a foreign language


Watching the health update segment of the news confuses more that clarifies


You don't have the time or energy to do the things you want to


You'd like to eat healthier but don't know how to make it happen


You wish someone would just tell you what you need to do to

  • lose weight

  • prevent or manage diabetes, heart diease, weight gain, or cancer

  • stop feeling terrible about your body and how you look


Pop quiz!

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  Chances are, if any of the above apply to you, you could benefit from using a dieititan.

  You're in luck. I know a good one who can help. Learn more about services offered.