Why wait to make a change and

reach a healthy weight?

In 2011, I developed Y-Weight©, an evidence-based weight management program for Brigham Young University's Wellness Program in Provo, Utah.


While many of us may know the "what to dos" to lose weight very few master the "how" of permanent lifestyle change. Y-Weight© focuses on how to make behavior changes that last to help you meet your weight and healthy lifestyle goals.


The program can be conducted one-on-one in individual counseling sessions or in a group setting with group classes and individual counseling sessions for each participant. Since it's inception we have helped nearly 100 people successfully lose and maintain weight loss. Read their testimonials and contact me today to start this program for you or members of your organization.


Included in the program is: 

  • One 1 hour consultation with comprehensive health evaluation, diet plan, measurement taking, & goal setting

  • Follow-up appointments, each two weeks apart, that include goal setting, problem solving, and behavior change lessons

  • A dietary analysis of nutrient intake

  • Participants will receive educational materials at each appointment and a binder to keep all materials together

  • Participants will be required to track food intake. This will be monitored throughout the program. 


Full program (7 follow-up appointments)...............................$500

Abbreviated program (3 follow-up appointments)................ $300


Contact me today to get started.